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Great Plains Atheists is a non-profit organization designed to promote non-belief as a positive force in our community. Our mission is to increase the visibility and acceptance of non-believers, skeptics, agnostics and anyone else questioning, doubting or freethinking in our community. This is accomplished through educational, outreach, and charitable activities.


We have made open conversation a priority, as it is the best way to foster tolerance, acceptance, and critical thinking. We partner with organizations that serve our community in ways that embody our shared values.
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Zeteticon was a great success!
It was here in Fargo, ND September 12-14!

The premiere event for promoting healthy skepticism and honest discussion of science, religion, and humanity.
We had a great lineup of speakers as well as an optional V.I.P. night out Friday night!

Hosted in Fargo, North Dakota, by the Great Plains Atheists, Zeteticon 2014 was an amazing opportunity to meet with other Zetetics, Free-Thinkers, Philosophers, Advocates of the Sciences and all kinds of Awesome People!
We all left smarter than we came, as some of the most brilliant minds in America presented throughout the entire weekend!